Up close Odonata

by Patrick Kavanagh

Dragonflies and Damselflies seem particularly willing sitters at present. A little pond at Strangways has been playing host to large numbers of blue Damselflies, which I think are Wandering Ringtails Austrolestes leda. These little gems were very happy to have a large macro lens up close for some portraits. A male Wandering Percher Diplacodes bipunctata was not quite so cooperative, but a female of this species quite a way from any water was more patient. Apparently the two spots on the side of the abdomen give rise to the name bipunctata.

A strange species of diversely coloured luminous dragonfly was also observed at dusk one evening. Seems to have appeared close to Christmas. Festum festoonum perhaps.


Wandering ringtail






Wandering Percher (male)


Wandering Percher (female)




Festum festoonum … ?

6 responses to “Up close Odonata

  1. Festum festoonum – native or introduced?

  2. From China I suspect :0)

  3. I believe they were introduced, not that I have direct knowledge.

  4. What a nice festive touch in your last photo!

  5. Last photo common name Bunningitis found mid December to January

  6. Wonderful photos. My husband and I are keen fly fishers so really appreciate these Beautiful insects. Sue woodend

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