Harvest time


Canola crop near Picnic Point, 19th December 2016

It’s harvest time on the plains – perhaps the best season for years. The birds are making the most of the bounty as well.


Male Red-Rumped Parrot




Female Red-rumped Parrot



This Australian Reed-warbler sneaked in by happenstance … spotted on my way home as it appeared briefly on a reed. The pale gape suggests it may be an immature.


Australian Reed-warbler

4 responses to “Harvest time

  1. Lovely shots Geoff, spotting the warbler is pretty special!

  2. Wonderful introduction to these birds. Terrific shots.

  3. Thankyou Geoff and colleagues for another year of beautiful pics. This blog is a constant delight. Best wishes, Noreen Boord, Axe Creek

  4. Great photos Geoff, you have kept me enthralled all year with your photos. I have started taking some bird photos myself, but I have a long way to go yet. Have a great Christmas and new Year.

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