A variety of river dwellers

The variety of birds to be found along the Loddon River at Newstead is marvellous. Not just typical waterbirds, such as the Dusky Moorhen, pictured below – but a wide range of resident bush birds, such as the Eastern Yellow Robin (the river corridor is a stronghold), migrants such as the Sacred Kingfisher and various raptors. A highlight on a brief excursion last evening was observing a juvenile Grey Shrike-thrush, learning to fossick for insects in the undergrowth. It didn’t seem to have much of an idea as it peeled off small strips of bark, apparently thinking they were tucker. The juveniles are much more varied in colour and markings than the sleek grey adults.


Eastern Yellow Robin, Loddon River @ Newstead, 16th December 2016


Juvenile Grey Shrike-thrush




Sacred Kingfisher


Dusky Moorhen

4 responses to “A variety of river dwellers

  1. I have a wild grey shrike thrush who takes food from our hands, he follows my husband Around when he us outside. A really lovely bird.

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  2. We used to get quite a few Yellow Robins in our garden, particularly when digging up the earth. They would sit very close looking for food. We don’t get so many now after the drought years here in the Strzelecki Ranges, but occasionally one turns up.

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