Cairn Curran shoreline highlights

Cairn Curran Reservoir is at 100% capacity, to the extent that the margins of the storage are flooded and providing a lovely green sward of habitat along the shoreline. There are numerous pairs of ducks; Australian Black Ducks, Grey Teal and Chestnut Teal using these areas for breeding and feeding. This in turn attracts predators.

I was fortunate on Friday evening to enjoy some close-up views of raptors, including this immature White-bellied Sea-Eagle and a Black Kite, hunting along the shoreline in search of an easy meal.


Cairn Curran shoreline, 9th December 2016


Immature White-bellied Sea-Eagle near Joyce’s Creek






Black Kite at Picnic Point





One response to “Cairn Curran shoreline highlights

  1. Hi Geoff, I look forward to your posts, they make my day. I have recently moved to Central Goldfields from the suburbs and I am enthralled by the natural, raw beauty of my surroundings. Your photos and observations are much appreciated. Michelle.

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