Parrot magic

No matter where you go around Newstead you’ll enjoy the glorious colours and engaging behaviour of our local parrots.

We get a nice selection visiting the bird baths around the house, while last night I marvelled at flocks of pink and grey Galahs wheeling against a sombre sky on the Moolort Plains (click here for some more images).


Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Wyndham Street Newstead, 5th December 2016


A Galah enjoying its morning drink


Eastern x Crimson Rosella hybrid


Galahs over the Moolort Plains, 9th December 2016


Immature Crimson Rosella at top

4 responses to “Parrot magic

  1. Geoff may I send these photos to my niece in Holland please?
    She would enjoy that.
    Thank you

  2. Geoff, for me one of the most magical few minutes of a wonderful trip back in 2001 was watching a flock of Galahs wheeling against a darkening sky in the brilliant light from the red sunset over the lake at Hillston in western N.S.W. .

  3. Lindy Damoulakis

    Hi Geoff, Thank you so much for your wonderful photos and posts this year.I be enjoyed them for several years now and often visit the area to go birding. I hope you have a lovely Christmas. Cheers, Lindy D.

  4. I love seeing a flock of galahs flying across the sky. Beautiful.
    Thanks Geoff for all the photos you have posted this year.
    Hope you have a happy Christmas and great New year.

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