A kite encounter

On this little excursion I headed off chasing Sacred Kingfishers and Rainbow Bee-eaters, but came home with a different scalp … close up views of a Square-tailed Kite!

While the kingfishers and bee-eaters were spotted they didn’t behave for the camera. The kite on the other hand appeared in a typically astonishing manner – directly overhead at tree-top height, the alarm calls of wattlebirds and other honeyeaters announcing its presence. Square-tailed Kites are spring migrants that arrive each year from northern climes to breed in the box-ironbark country surrounding Newstead. They are beautiful and distinctive raptors. Watch out for them in town over the next few months as they glide through in search of birds, their main prey, which they snatch from the eucalypt canopy.


Square-tailed Kite, Loddon River @ Newstead, 5th December 2016









2 responses to “A kite encounter

  1. Great shots. Can they be trained to catch rabbits?!

  2. I had a pair of square-tailed kites hunting in tandem in my street a few weeks ago. They were mainly pursuing indian mynahs – a flock of about a dozen were trying to evade the pair. The kites were very precisely using low level thermals whilst the mynahs were flapping frantically. It was quite a sight.

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