Keep those bird baths topped up

We’ve established numerous bird baths throughout the garden and while they enjoy a steady stream of visitors year round it’s summer when they come into their own. I’ve lost count of the number of different species that have paid a visit – it must be at least thirty, including some passers-by such as Grey Fantails and the odd Olive-backed Oriole.

I try to keep the containers topped up – the birds certainly know they are available and become quite confiding, especially during hot weather. Each day there is a morning ‘rush hour’ which is repeated in the evening in the couple of hours before dusk.


Brown-headed Honeyeater, Wyndham Street Newstead, 4th December 2016


New Holland Honeyeater


Red Wattlebird (immature)


Rufous Whistler (male)


Spotted Pardalote (male)

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