A series of treasures in the ‘shine’

by Patrick Kavanagh

Peter Barrow, crew leader for a Green Army team that did some works in the Rise and Shine for Newstead Landcare Group, let me know that there was a pair of Hooded Robins Melanodryas cucullata near the Buloke exclosure plot that we installed near the walking track. I spent a bit of time trying to catch sight of them and was rewarded on Friday with some good close encounters with the male. His lady friend was around, but a bit more coy. They also seemed to be having a few disputes with a pair of Jacky Winters Microecia fascinans in the same patch. Rufous Whistlers Pachycephala rufiventris were also out in force. A small puddle in an old mineshaft provided a drawcard for quite a few birds. Spotted Pardalotus punctatus and Striated Pardalotes Pardalotus striatus were collecting bark fibres from a fallen branch for their next round of nesting.


Male Hooded Robin, Rise and Shine, 2nd December 2016




Jacky Winter


Male Rufous Whistler




Male Spotted Pardalote

2 responses to “A series of treasures in the ‘shine’

  1. So Beautiful. Thank you.
    We had a spotted Pardalote visit our garden for the first time last week .

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