A good year

This spring has seen an influx of Sacred Kingfishers.

Over recent days I’ve heard and seen them in the bush at a number of places, along the Loddon River, on the plains in wetland habitat and even in front of the house in Wyndham Street! The first birds arrived in early September and they are now well and truly concentrated on nesting. One of my favourite pairs is nesting again near the pile-fields on the Loddon – a new site is required as this years floods have eroded their favourite tunnel. I was fortunate to watch the male enticing a female yesterday with a skink. This courtship behaviour is typical amongst members of the kingfisher family.


Sacred Kingfishers (male at right), Loddon River @ Newstead, 3rd December 2016


The male with a skink offering




Perched above the chosen nesting site




The male again … different light … different colours

10 responses to “A good year

  1. Oh Geoff
    Glad I was lying down when I saw these!
    I went wobbly with their beauty
    They are divine!

  2. Wonderful images Geoff. I have a pair in an old grey box in my garden. Didn’t realise there was a hollow in the tree until I saw them entering it. Very enthralling watching them. They seem to take turns in sitting.

  3. Great images.
    What’s happened to the exif data for your images?
    That was always a good source for those wanting to learn.

    • Hi Terry – had a recent crash with my computer and have hopefully now restored the exif data for future images. Cheers, Geoff

  4. May I use a photo or two to paint from, I mainly do landscape but would love to do some birds. Is that alright.??? Regards. Sue lanchester

    Sent from my iPad

  5. We have been watching them (more than one pair) for the last ten days of so on Forest Creek around a slowly shrinking lagoon left over from our recent flooded creek. They are really active, noisy and reliably present feeding and calling in the early evening. Anyone who is there about should come and spend some moments standing on Welsh St causeway under the tree canopy. Its pretty special.

  6. Hi Sue,

    Something to start your day….

    This regular blog by Geoff really is a beautiful thing and is easy to subscribe to.



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