Summer icon

One of the iconic birds of summer on the Moolort Plains is the Spotted Harrier. While they can be seen through all seasons, it’s in summer when the crops are being harvested that this species comes into its own. The long legs, seen clearly in one of the images below, are an adaptation for hunting. Typically Spotted Harriers can be seen floating at low levels above crops and around the margins of wetlands where they will pounce regularly on unsuspecting prey.


Spotted Harrier, Moolort Plains, 1st December 2016








Freshwater meadow at Baringhup West

2 responses to “Summer icon

  1. Geoff, do you take people out twitching by any chance? I go with some friends once or twice a year to Werribee, but would like to get to know the birds of my area.
    Your photographs are gobsmacking. thank you for them. Robyn

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