Joycea pallida peaking

by Patrick Kavanagh

One of the joys of decent rainfall at our place at Strangways is the profusion of flowering of grasses. Especially striking are the Red-anther Wallaby Grass Joycea pallida flowers. Lovely to look at with the naked eye, they are a real treat through a macro lens. Quite a popular hunting lair for spiders too it seems.


Red-anther Wallaby Grass, Strangways, November 2016




III … with what looks like an orb-weaver?

2 responses to “Joycea pallida peaking

  1. Patrick,
    I’ve got a real soft spot for this grass. The tussocks seem to be very long-lived, and it doesn’t produce much viable seed in most years. Maybe it requires good years like this – will be interested to see if it produces seed this year.

  2. Spectacular!!
    Keep them up!

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