Discovering a small treasure

Finding the nest of a Red-kneed Dotterel was the highlight of the past month. This charming wader has been absent from the district over the past couple of years – it favours shallow wetlands and could be found in good numbers after the big wet of 2010/11, but disappeared quickly as the Moolort wetlands dried up in 2012. Not many birders get the opportunity to find this species breeding so it was a rare privilege to discover a nest, with four beautifully patterned eggs, recently at Lignum Swamp.


Red-kneed Dotterel, Lignum Swamp, 16th November 2016


A first for me … Red-kneed Dotterel nest with four eggs


The nest site with the eggs just visible at dead-centre


Black-winged Stilts, Lignum Swamp, 16th November 2016




Note the ever-so-slightly upturned bill

2 responses to “Discovering a small treasure

  1. What a treat to find the nest and such well camouflaged eggs!
    thanks Geoff, another nice start to the day.
    chers Tina

  2. Great shots, Geoff. Great how you got those Stilts to do some formation work for you!

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