Cockatoos amongst the thistles

I’ve never seen the thistles so high … or the cockatoos so happy!

While the various species of thistle will always be a troublesome weed on farmland and around the margins of wetlands there is no doubting their attraction for some species of native birds, especially Long-billed Corellas and Galahs. This set of images was collected last evening at Cairn Curran – the birds providing a nice photographic challenge as they arrived to gorge on the seeds of the ripening flower heads of Variegated Thistles.


Galahs and Variegated Thistles, Cairn Curran, 18th November 2016








Long-billed Corella







13 responses to “Cockatoos amongst the thistles

  1. You must be thrilled with these shots….master!

  2. Great Photos of the Galah and the Corella, the thistle they are eating is the Variegated or Cabbage Thistle introduced from Europe in the early seeds brought to Australia. Common all over Victoria.
    Scotch thistle has a much smaller leaf and smaller head with small seeds.
    Keep up the good work ,I enjoy your great photos almost every day.

    • Thanks Barney for the correction … I was feeling a bit wobbly about my ID and took a punt … kicked backwards again!

  3. Wonderful photos,

  4. The sad thing is that most of the thistles, especially around the Joyce’s Creek and out across the Moolort towards Baringhup have been sprayed with Roundup? The birds could be in trouble!

  5. Love your photo’s. May I use some of them to paint from?..
    What is happening in the last photo – we have had a yellow cockatoo and a pink cockatoo??? Any reason for these off coloured birds???


    • Hi Sue, if you mean the Long-billed Corella … when seen close up they can look pretty grubby. Happy for you to use to paint from … thanks for asking

      Cheers, geoff

  6. Thanks … will now. look at the thistles along the channel in a whole new light …wonderful shots…

  7. I love the way the wings bend back and form a beautiful sculptural shape, great photos, thanks so much Geoff for doing what you do and sharing it so generously with us all cheers Tina

  8. Great snaps Geoff. Christmas card quality, I reckon.

  9. Oh Geoff….those photos are amazing!…….and I did so hate thistles… not quite so much!

  10. The galahs and corellas look like angels – such beauty! Thanks Geoff!

  11. I am new to the blog. What a lovely way to begin the day. Thank you. Robyn

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