Amongst the Daphne Heath

The spring rain has created a magnificent flush of regrowth in the local bush, particularly the native grasses and shrubs such as Gorse Bitter-pea and Daphne Heath. It makes you realise the importance of ‘normal’ seasons in revitalising the bush after the recent run of drier than average years. There are masses of Painted Lady butterflies feeding amongst the Shiny Everlastings and Daphne Heath, along with a nice selection of small birds – even a Sacred Kingfisher which I haven’t recorded from this location previously.


Buff-rumped Thornbill, Fence Track, 15th November 2016


Painted Lady on Daphne Heath




Fringed Heath Blue … Thanks Duncan Fraser!


Sacred Kingfisher

One response to “Amongst the Daphne Heath

  1. Hey Geoff, congratulations on your 2,000th post! About time i joined up…better late than never.

    Chirp, Gayl

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