Insectivores in the garden

There’s a nice variety of insectivores in the garden at the moment; year-round residents such as Weebills (currently nesting), temporary breeding residents like the Rufous Whistler and Grey Fantails passing through. The latter are resident all-year round in the surrounding box-ironbark country but turn up in the garden over summer as they disperse from breeding territories. The role of these species in insect control is phenomenal and often ‘under-rated’.


Weebill hovering for insects, Wyndham Street Newstead, 10th November 2016






Weebill nest


Rufous Whistler (female) after successful feeding foray


Grey Fantail





3 responses to “Insectivores in the garden

  1. Such glorious photography of these exquisite birds. Thank you, Geoff Park, for your brilliant work in capturing these creatures so clearly for we ground dwellers to marvel at in the wild.

  2. I very rarely see insectivores in my garden and would love to attract more. What is your secret Geoff?

  3. Hi Matt, no special secret … an ongoing project to add small shrubs is my only strategy. I’ve found that some of the saltbushes are fantastic for small insectivores such as fairy-wrens, scrub wrens and thornbills.
    Cheers, geoff

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