A bumper season?

Could it be that we are in for a bumper season for Rainbow Bee-eaters?

Their numbers are certainly up on last year and I’ve been seeing and hearing them in a few new places – I’ve yet to search along the Loddon at some of their favourite haunts. At the Newstead Cemetery at least three pairs are excavating tunnels in the gully making for some fantastic photographic challenges.


Rainbow Bee-eater, Newstead Cemetery, 10th November 2016









3 responses to “A bumper season?

  1. Peter & Lilian Skilbeck

    Hi Geoff.

    Just thought I would report that I have seen a pair of Bee Eaters near the corner of Annands and Rodborough several times in the past few days. Haven’t seen any near the house yet but as the res is so full all the banks are under water. I will keep an eye in the Annands corner for more activity hopefully nesting in some of the banks and cuttings.

    Peter s


  2. The most amazing birds, their coloured plumage never fails to delight me.

  3. Hi Geoff. I have just left Broome where the comment is, “Where are all the Bee-eaters this year?” Obviously in Victoria!!

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