Of bugs, wasps and flies

by Patrick Kavanagh

The rain and spring have brought on some major insect events in recent weeks, apart from the obvious mosquitoes. Crane Flies and Hoverflies have been abundant, but a few days ago it was beautiful Fruit flies of the sub-family Tephritidae that have been on our Everlastings in great numbers. The small bug with the reddish eyes is in the family Geocoridae, often called Big-eyed bugs according to brisbaneinsects.com and whilst they are mainly seed eaters they can also be predators.  The little green one is a Mirid bug nymph. Small wasps and flying ants have also been co-operative sitters for the macro lens. If anyone could identify any of the other little creatures, I’d be very grateful. Thanks to bowerbird.org.au for identifying the Fruit Fly and the bugs.


Big-eyed Bug, Strangways, 1st November 2016


Mirid bug nymph


Tephritid fly


Unidentified fly


Unidentified wasp


Unidentified ant

One response to “Of bugs, wasps and flies

  1. Incredible shots Patrick, insects really are quite exquisite and unique!

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