Bell’s Swamp

A couple of posts regarding Bell’s Swamp, one from FOBIF and the other from Connecting Country, have reminded me of the splendour of this glorious wetland. It is now brimming with water again after recent rains.


Bell’s Swamp, 3rd November 2016






Grey Teal @ Bell’s Swamp

4 responses to “Bell’s Swamp

  1. Hi Geoff, your beautiful photo’s are making me want to get my watercolours Out and paint again. Would you mind if I painted from them? Not all just some. Please let me know as I won’t if you wouldn’t like me to. They are just marvellous. Please keep sending them. Cheers. Sue

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  2. Have been across Bell’s Swamp a couple of times in the last month or so. To-day, the most recent, it looked absolutely gorgeous. I have been longing for the water to come back to the swamp. It has been missing in action for about four years.

  3. Just a couple of (old!) items about Bells Swamp.
    a). Locals used to net the swamp for the new and interesting(!) carp to use as bait in other rivers and reservoirs during the 50’s and 60’s. Sorry!
    b.) Dad used to talk about the attempted draining of the Swamp… thru the bottom!.
    They drilled a hole(s) in the swamp to drain it into the Deep lead. Trouble was, the same issues apply to get water INTO an aquifer as apply in extracting it. You need to deal with all the NON-water!
    So, eventually, stainless steel screen technology was developed to get pure water to pump OUT of the bore; but this technology was not used in those days. So they just let unfiltered water, together with all the leaves , etc. into the hole. Of course it soon blocked up and that was the end of the trial.
    Looking at Geoffs pics, I’m sure we are all pleased it failed.
    C). I think I recall a fine crop of ?Oaten hay being taken off the “paddock” at some stage.
    Times change!

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