Nesting continues

Today has been the first real hint of summer. A hot and blustery northerly arrived late morning and has kept going all day. Nesting continues in the garden. The Grey-shrike-thrushes are back for a second effort in the hanging basket at the side door, meanwhile a family of Red Wattlebirds is being raised in the churchyard next door.


Grey Shrike-thrush sitting …


… on three eggs, Wyndham Street Newstead, 4th November 2016


Red Wattlebird with food for nestlings


The nest – a woven bowl in a planted Melaleuca


… with two tiny nestlings

One response to “Nesting continues

  1. Gosh Geoff, I have only just registered and started to receive your wonderful blog in the last few weeks. Today I noticed that a Grey Shrike Thrush had started nesting in a hanging basket on the deck (first time ever). Then I came to my computer and opened your post on a grey shrike thrush nesting in your hanging basket. So is this blog live and 3D? If so can I have a Tiger Quoll next?

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