Weebills in the canopy again

Last summer we were pleased to discover a pair of Weebills nesting in one of our backyard Yellow Gums. Typically this species chooses a site in the outer canopy, where the domed nest is woven from cobwebs and fine grass, and suspended amongst the foliage. It’s always fascinating to see the nest swinging like a pendulum in windy conditions – a masterpiece of fine engineering. This season the Weebills are back in almost the exact same site and I’ve been enjoying their regular comings and goings over recent days. Often one of the adults will hover expertly beside the nest before diving into the dome via the side entrance.


Weebill nest, Newstead, 26th October 2016


A fluttering Weebill

3 responses to “Weebills in the canopy again

  1. Hi Geoff, would it be ok to post one of your fantastic photographs of the Mistletoebird with the large dripping defacated seeds (do they poop them out?) on the Australian Butterfly Conservation facebook page? All credit will be given to you and rightly so, they are great shots of this brilliant little bird, which is (solely?) responsible for the upkeep of Australian mistletoes and 20 or so mistletoe-dependent butterflies such as the Jezebels (Delias) and Azures (Ogyris). If you would like photos of these please let us know as we are happy to share them with you.

    • Hi Nils, go for your life – reminds me to write a story along these lines at some stage. I think I’ve got photos of most my local mistletoe dependent butterflies but will be in touch if I discover any gaps.
      All the best, geoff

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