Still sitting

This is a brief update on current events along Bruces Track.

Firstly this Scarlet Robin is sitting pretty on three eggs – the same number that were there on 12th October … I expect them to hatch any day now – the average incubation period is ~ 16 days. Meanwhile a short distance away a pair of Grey Fantails are tending a nest – the classic wineglass shape is well displayed in the images below. They are also incubating after finishing the nest around the same time as the robins began their vigil.


Scarlet Robin (female) incubating Bruces Track, 23rd October 2016






Grey Fantail incubating



Readers may have noticed an influx of white butterflies over recent days – these are Caper Whites Belenois java, a species renowned for large scale migrations into the interior of the continent at this time of year. With such a wet Spring it promises to be a bumper year for butterflies.


Caper White butterfly

One response to “Still sitting

  1. Love the Scarlet Robin and Grey Fantail pics. Thanks also for the info about the Caper White butterfly. We have seen them in the past week up here in Strathallan in northern Vic.

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