What a collection!

Many thanks to local bird lover and keen observer, Dawn Angliss, for the following story.

Mistletoebirds are renowned for their industrious behaviour – in the construction of their elaborate and beautiful nests and in their approach to food gathering. A pair is currently building a nest in Dawn’s garden and the female has been making repeated visits to the house – I imagine mainly to collect cobwebs for nest construction. In the course of this activity it has deposited dozens of mistletoe seeds on a series of favourite perches near the windows, as displayed in the images below. Many of these seeds are likely to germinate but their fate is sealed without a natural host to parasitise. I’ve never before seen such an amazing collection.


Female Mistletoebird, Newstead, 22nd October 2016


The defecated seeds are hanging in strings from the females favourite perch


Quite a collection!


One of its favourite perches


The female, surrounded by spent seeds adorning a window box.


Mistletoebird nest – this one belongs to a different pair, nesting in the churchyard next door to our home

2 responses to “What a collection!

  1. Fantastic collection Geoff. Guess the mistletoe misses out!

  2. a wonderful group of pics Geoff!

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