Wagtails and horse hair

Willie Wagtails are nesting by the dozen at the moment. An amazing Spring has created ideal conditions for insectivores, such as the Willie Wagtail, and I expect many to breed right into summer at this rate. On the downside I’ve never seen so many mosquitos, making insect repellent a must for a walk in the local bush!

The wagtail nest photographed below is in a typical location – near water (the Mia Mia Creek) in a River Red-gum and placed low down on a slender horizontal branch. The presence of the old stem galls add an interesting dimension the choice of nest site.

The young are well advanced, with the three nestlings looking snug but almost ready to burst from the bowl. The use of horse hair, gathered in this case from a nearby paddock, is a common strategy for this species.


Willie Wagtail nest in River Red-gum, Mia Mia Road, 16th October 2016


Willie Wagtail nestlings up close


One of the parents sitting as the rain started again

2 responses to “Wagtails and horse hair

  1. how beautiful is that. A great nest builder.

  2. Thanks Geoff, we have the same situation happening at our place here at Strathallan. We’ve seen them from a distance but now thanks to you we are seeing the situation up close.

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