Bee-eater triptych

Sometimes co-operative … always photogenic!


Rainbow Bee-eater (female), Newstead Cemetery, 17th October 2016





7 responses to “Bee-eater triptych

  1. Hello Geoff, I have enjoyed your bee-eater photos over previous years and now I have some of my own to share – taken in Southern Africa in a recent trip. White-fronted bee-eaters in Zambia – they stay all year round but their nests tend to be taken over by the carmine bee-eaters when they return from migration. Also a little bee-eater in Botswana. Poor photos but I’m still pleased to have got them on my little Panasonic Lumix. Cheers, Dee Burge

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  2. Stunning!

  3. And to continue …


  4. Inspiring and delightful as always Geoff – I’ve seen them fly straight into a tunnel in a sandy bank near Pinaroo – just beautiful birds

  5. I have been enjoying all your photo’s particularly your comments. I have seen around my house and garden fairy wrens, honey eaters which you have photographed along with grey schrikes the male comes up for some mince along with the 3 family’s of magpies. I also have what I Think is a falcon or ? I’m not sure they come for chicken wings if they are Hungary. I used to Get a family of eagles coming for chicken wings or the odd rooster and was surprised how weak they really are as they couldn’t carry a young rooster very far at all and only once have I Ever seen whilst fly fishing at Dean reservoir, pick up a dead or nearly dead lamb and drop it From height before picking it up and taking it away. The lamb was one of twins. The eagle was Very big. The ones that came to my place would land on my back fence. I would quietly Go out showing them the wing and toss them gently on the ground and return to the house And watch them from the window as they would come down and clean them up. I also found An injured bird in my paddock and arranged for wildlife people to pick it up I think it was a Young one starving more than anything else and unfortunately they had it put down. I was Very distressed. I really only think they came because they were hungry but I still see one Hovering over our area before flying on. Love your emails. Sue

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