They’re back!

Right on time – the Rainbow Bee-eaters have returned from northern climes to breed in the Newstead district. Around a dozen were seen yesterday afternoon at the Newstead cemetery – one of their favourite haunts. Earlier in the day I heard them at the Rise and Shine (Patrick Kavanagh reported them at Mia Mia Track on 13/10).


Rainbow Bee-eater, Newstead Cemetery, 15th October 2016


One of about a dozen seen yesterday afternoon at the Newstead Cemetery

3 responses to “They’re back!

  1. The rainbow bee eater is a stunning bird, thanks

  2. I get email alerts to new posts on Natural Newstead. It’s my little drop of nature that helps alleviate the grind of work. I’ve been getting these email alerts now for years and just to show you how much I take note of them (in a subconscious manner), when I saw Geoff’s email titled ‘They’re back’ I knew before I even looked at it that Geoff was announcing the return of his beloved rainbow bee-eater. And I was right.
    Thanks Geoff


  3. Thanks David!
    Stay tuned for more on this extraordinary migrant – its such a delight to observe its arrival each Spring.
    All the best, geoff

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