Friday afternoon around the lake

After a very busy week there is nothing better than a quick spin around the margins of Lake Cairn Curran. It’s not just the waterbirds that I’m after – small woodland remnants and the plains country invariably produce a nice assortment of birds. I even caught a distant view of a White-bellied Sea-eagle.


Pacific Black Duck with ducklings, Picnic Point, 14th October 2016


Brown Treecreepers can be found in the Grey Box/Yellow Box remnants


Galahs are a signature bird of the plains


Grey Teal about to alight on a farm dam


Red-rumped Parrots inspecting a potential nest site


My first Rufous Songlark of the season – commonly heard in and around the box remnants for the next few months


A pair of Whistling Kites circling their nest site near Picnic Point


The ubiquitous Willie Wagtail

2 responses to “Friday afternoon around the lake

  1. More great shots! Look forward to your emails.

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