An abundance of arthropods

by Patrick Kavanagh

With some warm days and lots of flowering in the front yard, there is an abundance of arthropods keen to collect the bounty of pollen and nectar.
The bee in the Wirilda blossom looks like a Lasioglossum sweat bee. I think the mosquito-like insect resting under an Everlasting leaf is a Midge, as the hind legs are on the substrate and I gather that mosquitoes hold their rear legs up at rest. The feathery antennae are possessions of the males, I gather from my reading. This one looks like an insect I’d posted on which was identified as Chironomidae. I think the wasp is a Paper Wasp, but would appreciate a more precise identification.


Hoverfly, Strangways, 7th October 2016


Lasioglossum Bee




Possibly a paper wasp?


Unidentified fly


4 responses to “An abundance of arthropods

  1. The tiny two-striped Lauxiniid fly looks to be either Poecilohetaerus aquilus or P. schineri.

  2. Well done with the close up innies! More please!

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