Natural puzzle # 21

Two delicate structures … your thoughts?


Suspended in a Golden Wattle


Only just begun …


#1 is the beginnings of a Mistletorbird nest

#2 is the partially built nest of a Grey Fantail

Stay tuned for updates on progress.

7 responses to “Natural puzzle # 21

  1. Patrick Flanagan

    The second is a grey fantail nest. The “tail” is the defining feature! I’ve seen one before. A beautiful piece of chocolate construction!! The first …? I’ve no idea!


  2. Hard to tell the first one from the photo. Could it be a processionary caterpillar home?

  3. The top structure looks like some sort of caterpillar pupating nest?

    The 2nd reminds me of a Willy Wagtail nest – just begun – they often have that tail to draw the eye down and away …??


  4. the first may be a case moth?


    Carol McDonough

    Castlemaine 61427204524

  5. I think the first one is a Weebill nest, and the second, my first thoughts to be a spider cocoon but I think its a Grey Fantail.
    You’re pictures make my day. Thanks Geoff

  6. Think the top is a Mistletoe Bird, and going with Grey Fantail for the second one.
    Its a great time of the year isn’t it.

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