Queuing up

The wet conditions are proving ideal for many birds, especially those that have a penchant for mud!

Fairy Martins have appeared in great numbers this Spring and can be seen collecting small mud pellets to add to the nests they are building under bridges and culverts, in erosion gully overhangs and other accommodating structures including farm buildings and sheds. These delightful little birds are strikingly marked, obvious when you get a close up view but not so when they zip past erratically on their aerial pursuits. I’ll aim to feature their close relative, the Tree Martin, in coming weeks – this species loves the Red-gum swamps of the Moolort Plains.


Fairy Martin, Newstead Cemetery, 2nd October 2016


The striking markings around the face and neck are only obvious in close-up








Form an orderly queue please!

One response to “Queuing up

  1. Great photos. I love these little guys and have loved watching them collect mud for their nest building.

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