Action in the garden

by Patrick Kavanagh

Spring is in full tilt in our front yard at Strangways. The Brown Thornbills that nested in a lemon tree are now caring for two noisy fledglings who stay well hidden in the Hedge Wattles. I was surprised to see this little one pop up briefly into clear view.


Juvenile Brown Thornbill, Strangways, 25th September 2016


Adult Brown Thornbill

Having just completed a nest in some Gold-dust Wattle, a pair of Superb Fairy-wrens have been canoodling lots. It was a pleasant surprise to see them so unconcerned by the presence of the paparazzi that they consummated their courtship whilst I had my camera. Twice.


Superb Fairy-wrens





The grevilleas have been hotly contested territory between New Holland and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters. Whilst the latter have been moderately cooperative sitters, the New Hollands have been more circumspect and only occasionally put a head into view.


New Holland Honeyeater


Yellow-faced Honeyeater feeding on Grevillea flowers



2 responses to “Action in the garden

  1. Fantastic shots Geoff, it’s been wonderful out in my garden listening and looking at the action, but your photos capture it brilliantly!

  2. Wow! I am in awe of your photography and garden! Magnificent shots of wrens!

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