The grass is singing

On the corner of the lake road at Joyce’s Creek there is a small patch of Common Reed Phragmites australis. It is only when the lake is full that the plants become inundated and early last week that looked pretty unlikely. Things can change quickly as locals have witnessed in recent days.

Arriving for a visit on Friday afternoon I was greeted by a cacophony of sound – mainly from the dozen or so Australian Reed-warblers calling from deep in the reeds. This species is damn hard to photograph and I’ll return soon to see if one might perch nicely for me!

It’s extraordinary how such a small patch of habitat can come to life when conditions are right.


Australian Reed-warbler, Joyce’s Creek, 16th September 2016


Female Superb Fairy-wren


Male Superb Fairy-wren




New Holland Honeyeater

One response to “The grass is singing

  1. The RW are just playing with you Geoff 🙂

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