Solving the raptor puzzle

Newstead is a place where it’s possible to encounter a wide array of different raptors – birds of prey. In fact, of the 24 species of commonly occurring Australian raptors (there are a few other vagrants that occasionally visit the continent), 16 species can be found reliably in the district. Two other species, the Letter-winged Kite and Grey Goshawk have been locally recorded but I’ve not seen either in the past 30 years.


This one’s easy …

This Thursday, September 15th, I’ll be speaking at Newstead Landcare (8pm at the Newstead Community Centre) on ‘A Magnificence of raptors’ – focusing on the occurrence, behaviour and in particular the identification of our local raptors.

Just like our birds of prey, we’ll cover some territory:

  • Are owls raptors?
  • Why is Newstead such a great place to see such variety of birds of prey?
  • How do you tell the difference between a Whistling Kite and a Little Eagle?

All are welcome to attend – Gold coin donations to the Landcare Group are appreciated.


This is a bit more tricky!

3 responses to “Solving the raptor puzzle

  1. How beautiful

  2. My guess for the second one is Square-tailed Kite

  3. Wish we lived closer … he would be so interesting. ..××

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