A riot in the forest

The Muckleford bush is a riot of colour and form at the moment.



Blue Caladenia Cyanicula caerulea, Demo Track, 4th September 2016


Golden Moths Diuris chryseopsis


Cat’s claw Grevillea Grevillea alpina


Common Hovea Hovea heterophylla


Leopard Orchid Diuris pardina


Nodding Greenwood Pterostylis nutanscolony


Pink Fingers Caladenia carnea


Slender Rice-flower Pimelea linifolia


Tall Errienellam Drosera peltata


Dwarf Greenhoods Pterostylis nana… I think!




Yam Daisy Microseris walteri leaves


Pink Bells Tetratheca ciliata


Yam Daisy Microseris walteri flower

7 responses to “A riot in the forest

  1. Helen Schofield, Geelong

    Wonderful! A great time of year to be out in the bush.
    Might be Pterostylis nana (dwarf greenhood) rather than Pterostylis foliata? The latter has a stem bract sheathing the flower, and a blunt labellum that extends through the frontal opening. Just a possibility, as I’m not an expert. Love all your blogs/photos.

  2. Hi Geoff, Allie and I went for a drive circuit finishing out along Golf Links Rd. We saw all of those but didn’t know all their names. The Cat’s Claw Grevillea is such an exquisite tiny bush… We must remember to take several plastic bags to collect more bottles, can and broken glass next time! Carlo @ Clarke Lane

    On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 8:10 AM, Natural Newstead wrote:

    > Geoff Park posted: “The Muckleford bush is a riot of colour and form at > the moment. Enjoy! ” >

  3. Yes I’d second the opinion above. Dwarf Greenhoods (not Greenwoods! ;)) (P. nana). A good crop of them this year.

  4. Hi Geoff, thanks for the wonderful photos you share. I am driving down from Sydney and will be in Bendigo from midday Tuesday 27th to Thursday 29th September.

    Can I and my husband, David, meet up with you near Newstead so you can share some of the wonderful birds and wildflowers of the region.

    I visited in April and discovered the Rise and Shine NCR and immediately felt as high as a kite just walking through the Reserve even though it was extremely dry. I donated some money to the Reserve and vowed I’d be back.

    Can you give me some directions on how I can access the bird places you visit or meet up with you?

    Kind regards Simone Disney

    • Hi Simone – give me a call on 0418 138632 – at this stage I’ll be around some of that time but not all. Very happy to meet up if possible.
      Cheers, geoff

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