Squatting in a bottle-swallow’s abode

Fairy Martins are small, swallow-like birds (they belong to the Family Hirundinidae) that migrate to breed in the Newstead area each Spring. I came across a small colony yesterday, refurbishing old nests under the Joyce’s Creek railway bridge. The birds were gathering at a small puddle nearby to seize mud pellets in their bills which were then carried to the nests and delicately added to the existing structures. The newly added pellets are clearly distinguishable in the photographs below. One of the nests was also being inspected by a Striated Pardalote – it is not unusual for them to occupy vacant Fairy Martin nests. I’ve no idea however about how the two species interact on common ground.


Fairy Martin nests, Joyce’s Creek, 5th September 2016


Fairy Martins gathering mud pellets for nest-building


Refurbishment on the base of an old nest


Striated Pardalote inspecting one of the old Fairy Martin nests


Fairy Martin – a gorgeous little bird when seen up close

2 responses to “Squatting in a bottle-swallow’s abode

  1. I am totally amazed Geoff how you can almost daily give us such a wonderful treat with these exceptional photos. Thank you so much.
    In our household the first thing we do when we open our computers in the morning is to look at your website.

  2. The nests are quite beautiful pieces of sculpture …..

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