A new kite for Strangways

by Patrick Kavanagh

We often get raptors over our place on the ridge at Strangways; the majestic Wedge-tailed Eagles and Whistling Kites using the updraft to get height, Square-tailed Kites and Little Eagles skimming above the canopy searching for prey and Brown Goshawks skulking through the treetops. But I’d never seen a Black Kite at our place until yesterday when this juvenile kept circling around some dead branches in the top of the canopy, desperate to perch. Each time it would settle, one of our resident Grey Currawongs or our little mob of Magpies would move it on. I thought this was a very interesting sighting as I usually only see these on the open plains and also because of Geoff’s recent observations of this species starting to breed in our area.

Black Kite_16-09-04_19 crop

Juvenile Black Kite, Strangways, 4th September 2016

And remember, if you would like to learn how to tell a Black Kite from a Square-tailed one and why they live so differently, come along to Geoff’s presentation “A Magnificence of Raptors” for Newstead Landcare, Thursday Sept 15th at 8 pm at Newstead Community Centre. All are welcome to come along.

One response to “A new kite for Strangways

  1. Fantastic snap of the raptor.

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