One, two, three …

After completing the nest a week ago the Grey Shrike-thrush pair has got down to business.

A single egg has been laid between 8am and 9am on each of the past three mornings. They are patient birds indeed, coping with a large family celebration over the weekend.


Grey Shrike-thrush, Wyndham Street Newstead, 3rd September 2016


First egg … 2nd September 2016


Two eggs … 3rd September 2016


Third egg … laid this morning


The female incubating

5 responses to “One, two, three …

  1. They are fascinating to watch Geoof. We have one that nest in an empty hanging basket each year and she finished laying her 3rd egg last week. Babies on the way.

  2. Looking forward to following the whole season.

  3. We can all look forward to some delicious bird calls soon

  4. Sweet! I’m hearing Horsfield and Pallid cuckoo’s all the time at home in Yandoit now.

  5. Those seem like big eggs for that size bird. Beautiful shape and spottiness. How lovely. That shrike thrush definitely did not make that nest, though. So I guess she had time to make attractive eggs.

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