Flora versus fauna

It’s a tussle for attention in the bush at the moment with the local flora upstaging the birds as Spring beckons. The selection below was all found yesterday within a few metres near Fence Track.


Gorse Bitter-pea, Fence Track, 28th August 2016


Blue Caladenia


Early Nancy (male flowers)


Early Nancy (female flowers)


Yam Daisy


Golden Moths


Leopard Orchid


Australian Buttercup

3 responses to “Flora versus fauna

  1. Gorgeous – first flowering yam daisy I have ever seen on my block yesterday after 12 years of walking across it before it as mine too – lots of yam daisy plants coming up too – and orchids too not many but some!

  2. Helen Schofield, Geelong

    Beautiful! Up your way a fortnight ago, and did not see most of these … only the leopard orchids out where we walked.

  3. Thanks Geoff, hadn’t seen a Leopard orchid or Yellow moth so went for a walk along Fence track and found them all. Now I have even more orchids to draw this year. Any other hints for any other good wildflower viewing locations. Karen.

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