Natural Newstead at the BWF

Over the past few days the birds of Newstead have been eavesdropping on proceedings at the Bendigo Writers Festival.


I was surprised and delighted to be invited to exhibit a collection of images at the festival – they are hanging in the foyer at the Capitol Theatre over the festival weekend and until 21st August. I am grateful for the skill and patience of curator Dee Gill in working with me to prepare the show.


Click here for a peek at the collection.

6 responses to “Natural Newstead at the BWF

  1. Beautiful collection of Natural Newstead Geoff, can’t wait for the calendar for 2017 and then the coffee table book to show off!

  2. Truly one of the world’s great bird photographers and if there is a coffee table book I will be looking for a copy!

  3. Hi Geoff

    Harold and I had a look at the images you have submitted to the Bendigo Writers Festival and thought we’d drop you a line to say how striking we think they are. Some we have seen previously on your site (I recall the sequence of the Mistletoe bird building its nest in the rose bush and raising its chicks there – so beautiful) and the pair of powerful owls look as if they were perching in the tree you showed us on our visit to Newstead earlier this year.

    I regularly attend wonderful Writers Week at the Adelaide Festival and if we were closer to Bendigo, we’d drop in for a look at your display – but at least we can do it long distance thanks to the electronic age!


    Chris (& Harold) BB


  4. Helen Schofield, Geelong

    Love the mistletoe bird photos!

  5. Hi Geoff,

    I was delighted to see your photos in the foyer at the Capital. They are exhibited beautifully. The crowds moving so slowly through the venue would have plenty of time to view them closely. Congratulations.

    Bev Culvenor

  6. I’ve just returned from the Capitol Theatre, where I thoroughly enjoyed your bird photographs. I also enjoyed the descriptions you had written for each. I hope you have more opportunities to display your work; it deserves a wide audience.

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