Roughing it!

Rough Wattle  Acacia aspera flowers at much the same time as the more showy and conspicuous Golden Wattle which is dominating the local bush at the moment.


Rough Wattle, Mia Mia Track, 6th August 2016




Rough Wattle buds

Small birds, such as thornbills and wrens adore Rough Wattle, as does the Chestnut-rumped Hylacola. This species is a tricky customer to observe and photograph, unlike this Weebill which happily posed for the camera as it foraged for insects amongst the foliage.


Weebill in the Rough Wattle



4 responses to “Roughing it!

  1. Wattle ! !


  2. Hi Geoff.

    I saw the Weebill photos and immediately thought “do they normally have a streaked breast?”. In an oldish Slater field guide, no streaking was shown while HANZAB illustrated it for the subspecies reaching the Victorian Mallee but not for the main subspecies in Victoria. However, the text in HANZAB noted that the above two “olive” subspecies can have streaking. I might do a google image search to see how many are streaked.

    Thanks for the provoking post.


    George Appleby.


    • Hi George – the streaking seems to vary in local birds … certainly some are more heavily streaked than others and according to HANZAB the streaking is restricted to adult individuals.
      Cheers, geoff

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