Sunday assortment


White-throated Treecreeper, Demo Track, 30th July 2016


Bracket fungus (from below) on Yellow Gum, Mia Mia Track


Red Box (epicormic shoots), Demo Track


Grey Teal, Bush dam on Demo Track


Little Pied Cormorant, Bell’s Lane Track

2 responses to “Sunday assortment

  1. Prue McAllister

    Hi Geoff, I have just started subscribing to your daily emails on Natural Newstead and wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I am a very amateur bird photographer and twitcher and love the daily dose of information and inspiration that you provide. I am also enlisting your help – if you can! I was walking around our local lake Walkers Lake, near between Donald and Marnoo, and saw this very strange sight. On the water, in the fog, were lots of coots and a couple of swans (there are usually more) but I could hear an unusual regular flapping in the water. What at first looked like a dog, or a lost otter, then appeared to have wings. It seemed most forlorn, moving erratically around the edge of the lake. I have included a movie of this strange sight. My conclusion was that it is an injured swan – or do they mate in the water? By the time I had walked around the lake all sign of it had gone. Do you have any suggestions as to it’s identity. I apologise for the poor footage, but fog seems to sap the colour out of everything, however I did see some dotterels once the fog started to lift, which I have included. I have tried to send it but the movie file is too large, so instead there is a link to Dropbox. I hope this works for you. Thanks for your time, and hopefully you can solve the mystery. Cheers, Prue McAllister ​ Mystery bird.mp4 ​

    On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 8:56 AM, Natural Newstead wrote:

    > Geoff Park posted: ” ” >

  2. Virginia Henry

    Some snaps from the inimitable GP.


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