Winter colour

A drab day was lifted by splashes of colour along Demo Track.

Spring is not far away.


Jelly fungus Tremella mesenterica, Demo Track, 30th July 2016


Purple Coral-pea Hardenbergia violacea




Scented Sundew Drosera whittakeri




Omphalina chromacea

6 responses to “Winter colour

  1. Hi Geoff – a change to see your camera finding a focus on the ground and not the sky. I found some wondrous range of toadstools over the last few weeks – must learn a little more about them. Your brilliant yellow parasols are lovely.

  2. Jack and Ali Pockley

    Gorgeous photos, Geoff. What lens are you using?

    Kind regards,

    Ali Pockley (Jack’s wife)

    • Hi Ali these were taken with the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. It’s a terrific lens.
      Cheers, geoff

  3. George BROADWAY

    Note that Scented Sundew is now Drosera aberrans.
    (How annoying)

  4. Geoff, I enjoy every one of your Natural Newstead posts, but I especially liked the photograph you have labelled Omphalina chromacea (which in my copy of A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi is given as Lichenomphalia chromacea) because I recently came across a patch of them growing on the Lushington Hill reserve, near my home. I thought they were very photogenic, but, even with a macro lens, difficult to photograph well. Serendipitously, looking through my camera manual, I found that it would focus bracket, if asked nicely, and so I spent a happy half hour taking lots of photographs of a couple of fruiting bodies. Another half hour spent stacking the photographs in Photoshop resulted in a couple of acceptable pictures. regards Andrew Machin


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