Along Joyce’s Creek

Along with the Loddon River, Joyce’s and Middle Creeks are the main tributaries that drain into Cairn Curran Reservoir. These latter two small streams converge just before entering the storage near Plaistow. In recent years they have barely flowed, apart from the big wet of 2010-11, so it great to witness a steady flow this winter.


Joyce’s Creek near Plaistow, 17th July 2016

A few ‘commoners’ were sighted during a visit at the weekend, and while they don’t quite match the Golden-headed Cisticolas they a worthy of a quick glance!


Black Ducks


Australasian Grebe in winter garb


Eurasian Coot


Long-billed Corellas

4 responses to “Along Joyce’s Creek

  1. Thank you for such fantastic posts. Makes opening up email a sheer joy. Photos and words are a delight. Cheers John.

  2. Phee & George Broadway

    Well done Geoff That’s two more for my “Birds of the Shire” album. (Coot & LB Corella) How about Dusky Moorhen, and Purple Swamphen ? And a few others Regards George

  3. Virginia Henry

    Some local friends to amuse you there on a much cooler day !

    And breakfast with Kati !! Mmmmmm


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