Miniworlds with macro

by Patrick Kavanagh

The rain as enlivened the miniature world of the forest floor at our place as the fungi fruit and the mosses and lichens come to life. A macro lens is a great tool for discovering the hidden delights of our bush. These photos were all taken within a space of a few metres. Any help with identifying the mosses or fungi would be greatly appreciated.

Fungus gills stack 1


moss and feather stack 1


Moss stack 1 crop


moss and seed pod stack 1


Fungus landscape stack 1


Fungus gills stack 2 crop


5 responses to “Miniworlds with macro

  1. Hi Patrick The fungi are probably the waxy Hygrocybe sp., possibly cantharellus but depends on size – the cap of this species is very small,

  2. Beautiful images Geoff

  3. I make these tentative identifications not as a moss expert but as someone who is interested in these plants and is keen to know more. I have used the local moss book as well as David Meagher’s and Bruce Fuhrer’s book, A Field Guide to the Mosses and Allied Plants of Southern Australia.
    I am pretty sure that Pictures II and III show Triquetrella papillata. There is also a solitary plant of this species in Picture V.
    PIcture IV looks like Rossulabryum billarderi
    Picture VI shows Fissidens sp as well as a lichen and one plant of another moss.
    I look forward to seeing any other comments.

  4. Thanks Greg, just gorgeous Tina

  5. I have checked with FNCV Fungi CD. Perhaps #VI is a Hygrocybe, maybe #V also. or a Dermocybe ? Can’t find anything resembling #1

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