The natural order of things

A wet winter … great to see that such a phenomenon is still possible!

As the rain tumbles down, the river rises and the bush is gearing up for spring – nature going about her business.


Earthstars Geastrum sp., Mia Mia Track, 10th July 2016


Greenwood orchid rosettes


Powerful Owls are in the breeding business …


… while Tawny Frogmouths are contemplating nest building sites

4 responses to “The natural order of things

  1. Rebecca Edwards

    And looking at the Tawny frogmouth – I’m pretty sure that’s what I saw in our driveway once at night.

  2. Helen Schofield, Geelong

    Should get a nice showing of nodding greenhood flowers in a few weeks! Lovely cheery topic and pictures.

  3. TFs always seem to make such a great pair. Do they ever argue?

  4. David Griffiths

    Geoff, i have a couple of Tawny frogmouths that turn up every year at around this time,. Is that what they are doing, scoping for a nest site.?

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