Going with the flow

What a great sight, the Loddon River almost ‘running a banker’. With Cairn Curran at less than 12%, good rain over the next month should see a decent reversal in fortunes.


The Loddon River at Punt Road, 8th July 2016

The sunshine yesterday afternoon brought some nice birds out by the river too – Spotted and Striated Pardalotes, White-browed Scrub-wrens (chasing courtship behaviour), Golden Whistler and Red-browed Firetails.


Male Spotted Pardalote


Female Spotted Pardalote


White-browed Scrub-wren




The Loddon flows

5 responses to “Going with the flow

  1. Great to see the Loddon flowing again. The pic of the Spotted Pardalote is beautiful. Thanks Geoff.

  2. Chris Johnston

    Beautiful Loddon! Wondering if there had been rain at home and delighted to see the Loddon brimming. Anything in the Muckleford Creek yet?

    • Hi Chris – only a weak flow in the Muckleford Creek with pools being filled … looks like a wet week though so you never know!
      Cheers, geoff

  3. Cathy McCallum

    Wonderful images of the river. It is a wonderful place to go and rest and revive the spirit! Thanks Geoff!

  4. Annmaree Smerdon

    Wonderful to see the Loddon flowing. No movement when I was back home in the new year. Wish I could send some of this UK rain!

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