Whistling Kites courtship flight

Raptors are moving into breeding mode at the moment. If you look skyward at this time of year you are a chance to see the soaring courtship antics of species including Brown Goshawk, Little Eagle, and if you are lucky, Wedge-tailed Eagles.

This afternoon along Bruce’s Track on the north-east edge of town I spotted a pair of Whistling Kites courting. The birds took off from somewhere in the canopy and passed overhead a number of times, crossing each other at speed and then flying together, one above the other, with the top kite (presumably the male) dangling its talons. The ritual was quite subdued when compared with some of the displays I’ve seen where the birds actually locked talons in mid-air. Look up and enjoy if you are out walking in coming weeks.


Whistling Kite, Bruce’s Track Muckleford State Forest, 5th July 2016


Whistling Kite courtship flight







One response to “Whistling Kites courtship flight

  1. Beautiful. The Wedgies were doing this at mine on the weekend.

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