Colour isn’t everything

You don’t need to be dazzled by colour to enjoy the sights of the Australian bush.

I caught up with a couple of local favourites yesterday afternoon in the Mia Mia – a pair of Jacky Winters and then a small roving flock of Flame Robins.

The flashy male Flame Robins were shy of the camera but a number of ‘brown birds’ – females and immatures, were happy to pose as I sat nearby.


Jacky Winter, Mia Mia Road, 25th June 2016




Flame Robin, Mia Mia Track


II + flying insects!


III with an eye for prey on the ground

6 responses to “Colour isn’t everything

  1. Paula Peeters

    Lovely! The Jacky Winter is one of my favorites. I think Graham Pizzey summed up their character beautifully: ‘A small, grey, confiding bird, of much charm.’

  2. Geoff: I spent the weekend with Pat Fensham, who is an old mate from university days, and was over in England for a friend’s wedding. I’d not realised that he’d moved to Newstead a little while ago and that you know each other. It’s a very small world!

    Thought this might interest you:

  3. Dear Jeff – that is indeed remarkable … apart from the fact that he barracks for Carlton, Pat is a lovely guy … we all have at least one weakness! I’ve been looking at that paper. Through my ‘day job’ we are doing some work on bushfire Benefit: cost analysis and looking at environmental valuation metrics – so this work is on my radar. Thanks for making contact – would be great to meet at some stage. All the best, geoff

    • It could be worse, he could be an England supporter 🙂

      If you need some advice on valuing natural capital and ecosystem services I can recommend this group which is run by one of my former postdocs, Jim Rouquette. We did some similar environmental valuation work for Northamptonshire:

      Yes, would be great to meet; I’ve not been back to Australia since 1994, I’m overdue a visit.



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