The waters of Larne-ne-barramul

South of Newstead, the Jim Crow Creek has its confluence with the Loddon River.

The creek rises in the hills near Franklinford, an area known as Larne-ne-barramul (habitat of the emu) by the Dja Dja Wurrung people. The Jim Crow Creek is renowned for its fast-flowing crystal clear waters, which sadly have diminished over recent runs of low rainfall years. Historically this creek often continued to flow even when the Loddon had ceased to run. A few minutes by this beautiful stream certainly replenishes the spirit. Click here for some larger versions of the image set below.


Looking downstream on the Jim Crow Creek at Clydesdale, 6th June 2016


Wedge-tailed Eagle in the darkening sky


River Red-gums flank the creek as it wends towards Newstead


Yellow Box and Yellow Gums overlook the floodplain of the Jim Crow Creek


Cane-grass in the bed of the creek


River Red-gums roots and post-settlement alluvium

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