Ravens, both Little and Australian are common around Newstead. They are, however, very difficult to photograph close-up.

Renowned as intelligent and wary birds they are always on the lookout for danger. This Little Raven was one of a large flock feeding on pasture near the Newstead Racecourse – it remained on sentry duty just long enough for me to grab a few images from the car window.


Little Raven, Newstead Racecourse, 4th June 2016





Long-billed Corellas on the other hand are an easier target. Not far from the Little Ravens they were excavating onion-grass (Romulea sp.) with their superbly adapted bills – once it would have been Yam Daisy on the menu but these are now sadly confined to the surrounding woodlands.


A flock of Long-billed Corellas


Long-billed Corella feeding on onion grass, Newstead Racecourse, 4th June 2016



2 responses to “Gotcha!

  1. Wonderful pics Geoff! I remember when I was seeking photos for my book I was shocked at how few photos there were of Little Ravens – I thought it was because they were unpopular – but I did not take into account their wariness…

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