On my rounds

After a week away it was nice to be home and have a chance to catch up with some familiar places.

Eastern Spinebills are enjoying the Grevillea and Correa flowering in the garden – this female also taking a liking to the flowering Yellow Gum.


Female Eastern Spinebill, Wyndham Street Newstead, 28th May 2016


Eastern Spinebill feeding on Yellow Gum blossom

Meanwhile down at Newstead Natives our favourite family of Tawny Frogmouths is back in residence.


Tawny Frogmouth pair, Palmerston Street Newstead


That’s the male at right

I then went in search of Flame Robins at the Newstead Cemetery. No luck there but Superb Fairy-wrens provided the colour and movement.


Male Superb Fairy-wren, Newstead Cemetery


Female Superb Fairy-wren

6 responses to “On my rounds

  1. Yellow gum – is that E. leucoxylon?

  2. Paula Peeters

    Called blue gum in SA – how confusing! Thanks Geoff for the lovely pics.

  3. Great composition of the spinebill on the post.

  4. That Spinebill shot is a cracker – I keep being blown away by your photos!

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